Editing Players Images & Handedness

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any way to automate adding images and handedness to all 450 players in the league, so it will be up to each manager to do so with these instructions.

  • On the left-hand side, click on “Players”

  • On the new page, filter the players to just your team. Do so by selecting your team name and the league name from the dropdown menus. Click Filter and you should have a page with only 25 players on it, all on your team for this league.

  • New for Polar Power – Leagues




  • Change the league from whatever it currently is to Polar Power League only



  • At this point, please update the player page, then scroll down to the statistics section
  • The easiest way to edit each player is to right-click on each name and open in a new tab. On the new tab, scroll down to the statistics section. You should see a line that has 2019 and a dropdown menu that says “–None–“.
    • Even for batters this will be located in the pitching section. Don’t know why but it works so we’ll leave it there.

  • Click the dropdown menu and select your team.

  • Next, scroll down until you see on the right-hand side the Metrics section with a textbox under the B/T (bats/throws)

  • Fill this section with either “R”, “L”, or “S”
  • Next, scroll down further until you see the photo section on the right-hand side

  • Click on “Select Photo”
  • On the Photo gallery page, go to the top right and search for the player’s name and select the image you want to use.

  • (Optional) If you want to use a variant picture (ideally one that you actually own…), the different LEs should be visible when searching. See below with an example where I was searching for Pedro Martinez, but searching for Martinez will show all of the variant and non-variant images that are available for Pedro, Edgar, JD, and Tino Martinez.

  • When finished, click “Select Photo” then scroll up to the top of the Edit Player page and on the right-hand side click “Update”. Now when you go to that player’s page, you’ll see their stats and an image of the card