League of Legends Week 5 Recap

After 5 weeks of exhilarating play, the regular season of League of Legends 2019 is over! Let’s take a look back at the short week as the season came to a close.

Standings Update

Spitball Division: Panthers keep their impressive streak going, winning out their last 4 games to swipe the division right out of Imperial’s hands! As the runner-up, Imperials will still be playing playoff baseball. The rest of the division will have a long off-season to think about how they were sooooo close to winning 1 more game to force a play-in game.

Knuckleball Division: Dirty Fed Danger did what he needed to do to get in the playoffs – score runs. After his Monday night loss to the Beers, he was tied with Maize for the most runs scored of the non-playoff teams. All he need to do was score once more to move onto the playoffs. Coming out swinging, he did just that, grabbing 6 runs in his final game of the regular season. Though the two loses this week might not be what he wanted, the 11 runs is ultimately what he needed. He’ll be joining the 1st place Lumberjacks and the 2nd place Aces in the playoffs representing Knuckleball Division.

Forkball Division: Fortunately (or unfortunately?), all the crazy scenarios did not come to fruition, and the final standings were Bean Counters taking the division crown, with Lobsters taking the 2nd place over the Xenon due to run differential tiebreaker. Xenon is dancing too though, as they were the team with the least amount of runs allowed outside of those already in the playoffs.

Batter of the Week

Needing to sweep their season-ending series against the Clam Chowda to clinch the division, there was a lot of pressure in the Bean Counters’ clubhouse. A seasoned veteran, Roger Maris answered the call. Homering in both games, Maris went 4/8 with a walk and 6 runs batted in. The old-timer put his team on his back, as the first 3-run homer was a huge momentum changer, giving his team a 1-run lead. The last 3-run homer was all the run support the pitching staff needed as they cruised to a shutout win. With his strong finish, Roger Maris is the Batter of the Week.

Pitcher of the Week

He may not be a household name, but don’t underestimate Diego Castillo. One of the best cards to come out of S1, Diego has quietly put up a great season for the Xenon, going 10 1/3 innings with a 0.68 WHIP and 1.74 ERA. This week was no different. He may not have gotten the win, but he played a large part in preserving the lead for Xenon, pitching 2 1/3 scoreless innings, allowing no baserunners and striking out 3. Since his more famous bullpen mate got the nod as one of the cards of the week, it’s only fitting for Diego Castillo to finally be recognized as the Pitcher of the Week.

Cards of the Week

With only 8 games this week, it was hard to find cards that made large impacts. But over 4 games, O’Hearn made solid contributions for both Clam Chowda and Xenon. Going a combined 5/15, belting a home run, and knocking in 5 runs while scoring 2 himself, O’Hearn lived up to his potential. With an otherwise quiet week from the other offensive cards, Ryan O’Hearn is one of the Cards of the Week.

Josh Hader has is a common talking point, both praising his incredible performance sometimes, while languishing his ill-timed meltdowns at other times. This week he faced himself during the middle innings of the Xenon vs Microbrews game, and it was quite the show. Between the two Haders, there was 6 innings total, 9 strikeouts, and 2 eared runs. Xenon’s Hader got the win, while ‘Brew’s Hader picked up the loss. Having such a big impact in a game with playoff seeding implications is why Josh Hader is on the of Cards of the Week.

Number: 0.333

Nope, that’s not Indiana Maize’s batting average. Unfortunately, that his stolen base percentage, the only team to not succeed on at least 50% of their attempts on the year. His team had a lot of great speed, between Joe Jackson, Christian Yelich, Omar Vizquel, and Jose Ramirez. But the dice gods were clearly not in his favor, as his team was thrown out on 10 out of 15 stolen base attempts this season. Better luck next year!


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