LoL 2019 Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is in the books! Very proud of all of our managers getting their games finished in less than a week. Great start to the season!

Standings Update

Spitball Division is looking mighty tough, with only 1 team under 0.500 and very balanced offense and pitching teams. Apparently these teams don’t like sleeping in their own beds, as collectively they are 1-5 at home.

Knuckleball Division is turning into a pitcher’s nightmare, as 6 out of the 7 of the highest run scoring teams calls this division home. Burritos and Lumberjacks are starting to gain some distance, but still only have 1 game leads over the next two teams.

Forkball Division is showcasing the pitching prowess these staffs (and their associated underwhelming lineups) were paid to do. Teams are averaging just over 2 runs per game. Hell the Chowda still haven’t sniffed a run yet!

Batter of the Week

Orange County Aces’ Jose Canseco has been the best story so far for his team that ran into the Lumber buzzsaw team from Maine. He leads the league in batting average at 0.750 and is tied for first in slugging at 2.000. Throw in a stolen base and you got yourself the Batter of the Week.

Pitcher of the Week

It was tough to choose which Pedro was deserving in their epic game 2 duel that resulted in 28 strikeouts and 1 run over a total of 18 innings. But an even more impressive show of domination was the game 1 start put out by Florida Lobster’s Sandy Koufax. Allowing only 3 baserunners to 9 strikeouts over 9 shutout innings, Koufax dominated the opposing offense. The lone mistake pitch he threw was harmless, resulting in a walk. Koufax looks great for his age and even better as the Pitcher of the Week.

Cards of the Week

Without a doubt, the most impactful batter card this past week was Alex Rodriguez. Collectively, A-Rod lead all batters in hits, runs, RBIs, doubles, and home runs. For the Lumberjacks, he has homered in all 4 games and driven in 11 RBIs. Though only rostered by 2 teams, his presence cannot be dismissed.

One of the most highly-anticipated players coming out of the S2 set, and on many rosters to be used in key situations, Adam Ottavino finds himself as one of the Cards of the Week for the impact he had on games. He’s pitched well for some teams, including earning a win for the Lumberjacks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all positive. 2 out of the 3 highest ERAs in this young season belong to an Ottavino, including an ugly 53.73 for the reigning champs. He was also tasked with keeping a tie game tied for the Orange County Aces in the 9th during game 2, but was unable to do so, getting tagged with the loss after surrendering 4 runs.

Closing Number: 32

That’s 17 doubles, 1 triple, and 14 home runs for a total of 32 extra-base hits in 4 games for the Maine Lumberjacks. The rest of the league has a total of 85 extra-base hits over 34 games. Just sheer dominance.


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