LoL 2019 Week 2 Recap

Week 2 has flown by! We’re off to a great start, with every team having played at least 4 games, and almost half the league well ahead of that! Keep it up!

Standings Update

Spitball Division: Boy did the Imperials have a great week. They swept their series against the Monarchs in high scoring affairs, powered by their offense, which had 6 home runs over the past 7 days, the most in the league. Along with the reigning champs Armada, they are looking to be the class of the division.

Knuckleball Division: Talk about offense. 6 of the top 8 run scoring teams call this division home, lead by Lumberjacks, who are averaging 11.8 runs per game. The Burritos, though, are right on their heels, only a half-game back.

Forkball Division: This division is going to go down to the wire. Nokos may lead at 3-1, but right behind him are 4 teams at 2-2. Even the Chowda are only 2 games back despite being dead-last in the division.

Batter of the Week

Getting banned from baseball and shunned from the Hall of Fame does not prevent you from getting a fantastic Clutch card made in your honor, and neither does it stop you from getting Batter of the Week. In the two games over the past week, Joe Jackson of the Maryland Microbrews was incredible, racking up 2 BBs, 3 2Bs, 1 3B, 1 SB, and 5 runs over 11 plate appearances. His slash line of 0.667/0.727/1.222 is just mind-boggling for a hitter straight out of the dead-ball era. He’s anchored the 2-hole in the Brews lineup and helped win them the series against the then first place Florida Lobsters. We have to admit he’s the Batter of the Week. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Pitcher of the Week

Sometimes the best pitcher is the guy who you’d least expect to give you a great start of 1 run over 5 innings to notch the win. This week, Steven Matz of the Orange County Aces did just that. More impressively, he only gave up 3 BBs and 3 hits, despite tossing 7 mistake pitches to a star-studded lineup in the Olympia Beers. For a back-of-the-rotation starter, he absolutely was worth every point this week, proving to be the Pitcher of the Week.

Cards of the Week

The offensive juggernaut card of the past week was clearly Rickey Henderson. Over the last 7 days in 11 games, Rickey racked up 2 doubles, 5 home runs, 8 stolen bases (against 0 caught stealing), 9 RBIs, and 14 runs. All 5 teams rostering Rickey benefited greatly, leading him to be one of the Cards of the Week.

Unfortunately, the other card with the largest impact was 2018 Generations Kerry Wood. Kerry took the mound for 3 teams, and each time he rewarded his manager with a loss. Collectively he gave up 18 runs over 14 innings, an ERA of 11.57 along with a WHIP of 2.29. His K/9 was a respectable 10.9, though his 6 home runs surrendered lead the league over the past week. All of this means that Kerry is one of the Cards of the Week.

Closing Number: 10

That’s the number of stolen bases over the 2 games Orange County Aces accumulated this past week. Even with all the base stealing, only one runner was caught stealing, a 90.9% success rate. The rest of the league had 17 stolen bases against 10 caught stealing, a success rate of 63.0%. That’s a lot of Speed Demons!


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