Clutch Baseball Online League: Summer 2018

The Clutch Baseball Online League is coming off of an absolutely electric season. Winter 2017 featured an expansion from 8 to 16 teams that battled from November to April, leading to an absolute story book finish. The champion, Cady Phillips, found herself needing to win out from 5-8 just to make playoffs. She then won two series primarily on the road, leading to a World Series match-up vs. Clutch Baseball veteran Patrick Burke. The series ended with a Game 5, 9th inning, 2 outs comeback to tie the game and then win it in extras. Once again, Seattle, WA was home to the Online League champion.

And now after a short break, we’re back, bigger and better than ever. This season will feature an expansion from 16 to 20 teams, in an East vs. West battle of the coasts. On top of that, we’re taking the personality of the teams to a whole new level. Teams now have an official name and represent a real-life city, aka the Connecticut Kings. The managers have also been able to design team logos and colors to truly make it feel like this is their own big league ball club. The best part is, all of this is viewable on our all-new Online League dedicated website –  There you can view the standings, schedule, rosters, and read the recaps to see how all the action played out.


  • 20 teams, 2 Conferences, 2 Divisions per Conference
  • 10 teams per Conference, 5 teams per Division
  • Top 2 in all 4 Divisions make playoffs
  • 1 Wildcard from each Conference makes playoffs
  • #1 Seed overall from each Conference gets bye to Conference Finals
  • 8 weeks, 16 games, 2 games per week, 8 Home games/8 Away games
  • 8 games vs. Division, 5 games vs. Conference, 3 games vs. Inter-League
  • Randomly assigned Stadiums within geological proximity
  • 25 man, 6,000 Salary rosters


  • Eastern Conference
    • Northeast Division
      • Boston Clam Chowda (Brendan Maxon/MA/Baltimore Yards)
      • Johnstown Imperials (Mike Alberts/PA/Boston Park)
      • Maryland Microbrews (Tony Alberts/MD/New York (N) Field)
      • Connecticut Kings (Aaron Baral/CT/Pittsburgh Park)
      • New York Knights (George Fitzpatrick/NY/Toronto Centre)
    • Southeast Division
      • Arlington Cannons (Patrick Burke/VA/Tampa Bay Field)
      • Gainesville Gingersnaps (Josh Arthurs/FL/Florida Park)
      • Bluffton Beach Bums (Chris DeCrane/SC/Washington Park)
      • Virginia Neptunes (Brian Schiller/VA/Atlanta Park)
      • Richmond Hammers (Ryan Woloshin/VA/Miami Park)
  • Western Conference
    • Midwest Division
      • St. Louis Dingoes (Matt Ahrens/MO/Cleveland Field)
      • Chicago Lucadores (Rey Delgado/IL/Cincinnati Park)
      • Nashville Strix (Drew Duffield/TN/Minnesota Field)
      • Tennessee Platypi (Wes Duffield/TN/St. Louis Stadium)
      • Scottsdale Saltshakers (Nick Tantillo/AZ/Detroit Park)
    • Pacific Division
      • Arizona Shade (James Rate/AZ/Arizona Field)
      • Seattle Cobras (Robert Forbes/WA/Los Angeles (N) Stadium)
      • Washington Avocados (Dani Espinoza/WA/San Diego Park)
      • San Diego Armada (Matt Slagle/CA/San Francisco Park)
      • Seattle Melonheads (Navarre Moore/WA/Seattle Field)

Again, make sure to stay up to date with all the results and drama at We’re still fairly early in the season, but look forward to another blog coming in the following months where we preview the playoff match-ups, analyze the rosters in-depth, and discuss prizes for those who finish at the top!


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